New RCV App to Rank 2016 Presidential Candidates and Parties

Here at FairVote, we love exploring innovative ways to give voters a strong voice in politics. 

That's why I'm excited to share with you a new online tool that allows users to rank 2016 presidential candidates in order of choice instead of just picking one. The online app uses ranked choice voting and it is exactly what Republicans, Democrats, and independents need this primary season.Rank the GOP Candidates

FairVote partnered with Civinomics to create interactive ranked choice voting polls which can be used for any multi-candidate race. Instead of crowning “leading candidates” that are only polling between 10 and 20 percent, ranked choice voting (RCV) gives us a much clearer picture of candidates that hold broad support. Candidates with the strongest message, that appeals to the most voters, can be identified as the real contenders in the race. 

Cast your ballot today! Hundreds of people have cast their ballot -- add your voice.

Here’s what you can do with our poll:  

  • Rank as many candidates as you want in the field,
  • View polling results, and
  • Test how the RNC or DNC race is impacted when a candidate is eliminated.

We hope you will share our new poll on Facebook or Twitter, and watch for upcoming results.

Check out recent pieces from our staff analyzing how ranked choice voting can improve how the GOP selects candidates for future debates. Also, read how pollsters would benefit from asking respondents to rank the candidates instead of just picking one.

I look forward to you votingsharing, and discussing how these RCV tools work to create a truly representative and fair democracy.

Cast your ballot today! 


Michelle C. Whittaker
Director of Communications

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